This is a post that has been one of the most long-time coming. I discovered something working with this bar restaurant. I LOVE to photograph food. I look how it turns out. I love how it smells. I love getting to taste things. I love the passion that the cooks and chefs put into┬átheir masterpieces. On a personal level, Bovine and Barely, downtown on Main Street is surely going to be a place where people go when the SuperBowl rolls into town. It has food to appease all kinds of people. It has the atmosphere and experience to be remembered and that matters a great deal as more and more spots pop up on the map. I should have posted some of these photos months ago, even over a year ago but I’m glad that looking at them even now, makes me proud, excited and rewarded. If you want to hire me to photograph food for your restaurant, Contact Me!