I just love when I get to see the Clarke’s for a shoot! They are a most awesome family, moving here from the England area two or three years ago. The first time I got to photograph them, it was only Oisin (that Oisin kindly spelled out for me on the walk back to the house after our shoot – OhhhhEye-Essss-EyeeeeeInnnnnn! he says – Ha!) And now they have a wonderful addition, Archer, who was one of the happiest baby boys I’ve ever seen. The calm and relaxed nature of his parents reflected in him through all the smiles and sweet looks he gave me.

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An inspiring set of parents, these two.


Oisin enjoyed the game he started with his dad of running away only to be scooped back up after he thought he had made his getaway. So cute!


All smiles! Such a happy baby.


Right about this time, Oisin thought it might be fun to test the limits of what “No” meant.


And this is where his fun hat ended up! He was a bit more upset than he must have expected to be. Haha, such a cute boy!

clarke9My favorite from the shoot is this priceless look from Clare and Ryan when my idea to use reverse psychology on Oisin for a quick smile backfired and he got upset with me!┬áHe reverse engineered me! You guys are incredible and I can’t wait to see you again. Enjoy!