I live within walking distance of Heaven in Houston. Meet Sammy’s Wild Game Grill on Washington Avenue in Houston. I must say that it is one of the best restaurants here. If you are in town visiting, you should try this place out. If you live here and don’t venture beyond Buffalo Wild Wings, you should try this place out. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t advocate these guys so much because then it will become stiflingly overrun and I’ll dread the long lines. I digress. It’s good shit. You should go. And seriously, right there “in my own backyard”, who would have thought you could try Venison, Elk, Kangaroo, Anaconda, and Buffalo all in one sitting? Sammy’s has a soft spot in my heart because not only am I getting to try something very new, it is coupled with mouth watering french fries and incredible craft beer. I set out to find different walks of life in Houston, through food, people, music, and views. I had decided that I’ve lost a lot of time trodding the same path for too long. After all, this city is the 4th largest in the Nation and according to Boston Magazine, an upcoming place for the entrepreneurial heart. There has to be more to this city than what the eyes wide shut, desensitized locals say. It’s amazing that in the last two months, I have been to more places I never knew existed in Houston than I have in the last 4 years. My advice: Explore and take someone with you sometimes. They will appreciate seeing something new. I was pleased to see on Sammy’s website that most of these meats are super high in protein also. A girl’s gotta eat in the south – meat and potatoes-style. Okay, so what if the french fries aren’t? YOLO.