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“The little things” made all the difference at a recent themed birthday party. Finnley had his friends over to celebrate his second birthday and his decorations were outstanding! I knew the moment I met his wonderparents, Sarah and Steve, that this party was going to be a good one. Themed, “Where The Wild Things Are”, these little beauties had all kinds of festivities to get into. A big air castle outside kept them running rampant which had to have led to some long naps later in the day! The thing that sticks out the most to me from this particular shoot is the undeniable closeness of these families. It was a site to see and a comforting feeling to be in the middle of such good people. Be sure to check out the invitation design – So perfect!¬†Chocolate covered oreos.. Yum!



Finnley’s best friend Riley came to visit all the way from England!

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I just love all of the decorations from this themed birthday party! I felt like a kid in a candy store walking around taking photos of this birthday. I LOVED the cake design!

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I nearly melted behind the camera when I saw this adorable moment, and this “Where The Wild Things Are” themed cake was just perfect! Look at the little leaves.¬†

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