Photography, at least for me, is a way to document the world around me. It is something I can leave behind on this Earth, images of the way life was at that frozen moment in time. Sounds all philosophical I know, but I do feel that way. Browse my images or use the sub navigation to the left to look for more specific posts.

Traveling to Paris was an adventure in its own right but once there, it was as if we had teleported to a place that was simply unfathomable. Words don't do it justice, and pictures barely scratch the

A little over a year ago, my husband and I decided we would get serious about traveling to Europe. I told him I had to see Venice and left it to him to decide the rest. We sat down over a beer,

I get asked often "What exactly do you do?" And it's a hard question to answer. I'm a creative at heart so I can blend in with most conversations, having poked around in many, many forms of media.

I did this set of photoshoots for a well-known rug store in the Galleria of Houston. Madison Lily was looking for an innovative way to display their rugs. At the time I was also working for an

A couple of weeks ago, I had the incredible honor to work with a kind soul as he planned to surprise his lady, popping the question on a warm Sunday afternoon at Eleanor Tinsley Park. And by warm,

A few months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph an event for the staff of the Houston Astros, a thing they call their modern-day "prom". Hilarious! It's a welcome back party after the

If you would have told me this time, 9 years ago, that I would be where I am in my life, I would have bet all odds that you would be wrong. Sitting here with this couple, on their engagement

This past Christmas, I had a blast showing up for company Christmas parties. Each time, you know you're walking into a world of fun, dynamics and personalities but this one, this one took the cake. A

Back in 2016, I was commissioned to photograph some of the most delicious looking (and tasting) meals at Bovine and Barley, Houston in Downtown. We took an afternoon, cooked up all these meals and

Last year, I had the most fun working with the Houston Rockets AND a handful of puppies. I walked into the building and just about fell over when I saw all these wagging tails, sniffly whimpers, and

Getting to photograph the Duggins Family for their Holiday Photos this year in 2017 was a great time. In the past, I got to photograph their newest addition, their little baby girl and now their

Ok, when one of Houston's most attractive couples calls you up and asks you to take engagement photos for them, you ask no more questions and you just arrive. Lol! Well, there was more to it than

Less than one day before Hurricane Harvey, I hopped in my SUV and marched up to the Houston Heights for an in-home family newborn photoshoot. Meet Katherine, one of the most animated and relaxed

I am going to start outlining all the pieces of hardware and software that I work with to run my professional photography business. Took me a nice long time to figure out just exactly what I wanted

Stun City! I was beyond honored to be asked to photograph this couple's celebration of their engagement around EaDo Houston. I met Natalie and Erica while supporting a charity that searches to find a

It's been interesting for me, growing up in a home where the football or the basketball game was never on TV and your dad wasn't ever yelling at the announcers. There were no Super Bowl parties at

Have you ever met a "show stopper"? You know it when you see it. If you're a photographer like me, these things come to mind at one single second in your brain and all the external noise drops off.

It's just been too long since I've posted on my own website. On the one hand, it's great. I kept myself busy. On the other hand, it's passed by and many times, I can't even remember who I talked to

I am a Houston Family Photographer and this super little human, Kyle is 3 years old this year. Also, this is my second time to get to photograph him for his birthday! My how big he got in just a

Okay, okay okay. At the risk of even more people discovering this sexy gem by SuperBowl time,  it's time that I tell you all how fucking delicious and amazing Red Dessert Dive's bread pudding is. I

Macie is a dear friend of mine. We met years ago, playing dodgeball on a random Saturday afternoon at a sports bar just after college. It got down to just her and I in the game, sizing each other up

All weddings have some type of special memory for me that I can take away and remember, be it a situation that I gained wisdom from for how someone handled it, or different ways of doing things for

I met Kate working out one day at the gym and was honored when a good time later she asked me to photograph her wedding. An un-assuming and pleasant soul, Kate approached the day in a most calm

Probably one of my most favorite photo shoots of all time, ever is of April's maternity. I met April while working with the Houston Rockets and life has moved very fast for her too. She now has her

Well, better late than never. I'm a staggering 70+ photo shoots behind in posting. 2015 and 2016 feel like they've been the sum of one long year. Lots of brand development clients and marketing and

I don't know whether to begin this post by saying that it has taken me since the day before Thanksgiving to pull the trigger on posting these photos of Jason Terry and his family or by freaking the f

I met Emma last year, while participating in a charity event here in Houston, known as "BvB", which stands for Blondes vs Brunettes. It's a powder puff flag football game that we play at the

I got to photograph a reveal party this Valentine's Day of 2016. Reveal parties are always a good time because you get to capture a very pure moment in life; the surprise unveiled where a family

This year, I was commissioned to shoot a series of head shot portraits for the real estate company, Finch Properties. Finding that a setting inside a home would make the most sense for the

My best friend had Baby #2 recently and she made it look far too easy to someone who has never even had one mini. Meet Jolee Brackett and her big brother Tyce. I tried out my new camera, with a lens

This day caught me by surprise. I met Lindsay and Kris Morris at a wedding they attended in the Dominican Republic for a most beautiful woman and incredible man inside and out, Brooke and Travis

A couple very near and dear to my heart got married this summer and we got to head back home to West Texas for the festivities. Brant's always been the tough guy so it was an emotional time for

I got into this building called the Rand in San Antonio and went rogue. Well, I was commissioned to be there but no sooner than I had been given the orders was I standing there alone, in this

Something interesting happened to me a few weeks ago, something that hasn't happened to since I've lived in Houston, over 6 years now. I finally felt home. Houston's always been "that city I moved

I met Courtney and John some years back and instantly gravitated towards them. After talking,  I learned they were in law school at the time and they learned that I was a photographer. Little did I

If you have ever hung out with this duo, you'd instantly see the down to earth yet charismatic energy they bring. A personable businessman who might as well run for mayor (this dude knows EVERYONE),

I recently had the wonderful pleasure of photographing this super cool couple right in the heart of EaDo (East Downtown), Houston. We roamed around on back streets, I met the pup and kitty and got to

I recently had the opportunity for a photo shoot of a personal trainer here in Houston. We discussed how she wanted photos to help in her branding incentives such as a website and some other things.

A couple of months ago I got an opportunity to begin photographing events for the Houston Rockets. It came when an amazing creative nazi named Jose Lopez attended this conference I photographed,

I had the absolute pleasure to photograph the marriage of a woman near and dear to my heart. If you've been following my blog, you probably saw the Engagement Shoot of Courtney and Kyle, where I go

As my site will allude to, as well as my profession, I love photography and eclectic beautiful things. I've been spending some deep headspace internalizing the idea of what it means to be free and

I have been graciously shooting for the Houston Rockets (and man, I'm about to go ham (drew :) blogging about it (as long as they're approved!) I recently found myself standing in front of Trevor

For the first time in a very long time, I feel like there aren't enough photos in the world to depict the beauty of this place I was recently in to photograph the Tobaben Wedding. Awestruck around

Chris, my good friend who is a beautiful mind in graphic design for the Houston Astros called me up a couple of months ago. I had been lucky enough to shoot for him before and he said he had a new

A Curious George themed birthday party took place at the Houston Corner Table for Dylan's first birthday and it was beautiful. Known for his curious personality, Dylan's mom decided that only the

I also met this beautiful couple out in the Dominican while there to photograph the Tobaben Wedding. Their smiles were contagious and their humor was something I enjoyed most. I'm convinced that

While I was in the Dominican Republic photographing the Tobaben Wedding, a few of the guests decided to pull me over for a quick shoot of their own. Resourceful I thought, my kind of thing. This

It's an interesting thing I've had on my mind the past couple of days. I have a lot of shoots coming up and am needing some creative outlet to "get my mind right" while I look at the way things go

Shooting at the Agave Estates here in Houston with such a fun couple was a top of the year experience. Even though it's taken me months to process and select the right photos to tell the right

Courtney and I go back to the West Texas days of middle school volleyball games, drinking cherry pepsi's when we weren't supposed to, playing ping-pong, making animal bead chains when we went camping

Bud Light's Whatever USA contest kicked off with an ad campaign during last year’s Super Bowl featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though the commercial was clever and entertaining, I didn't think much

It finally happened. From my introduction into the business world, I always felt I had something to say or contribute, something to explain. Later I'd realize that what I was gunning for

Last weekend I headed off to Austin to shoot an engagement session with Brandi and Adam. Brandi had awesome plans for shoot locations, and I love the outdoors, so we ended out on paddle boards

Color was not missing from the spots we found around Houston, nor was it missing in the personalities of these two on their engagement shoot. My time spent with Morgan and Coby was effortless and

So the real reason I was in Africa was to get these shots of this amazing diving school there just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. I decided I wanted to run the shoot in HDR and loved the shots I

I'll just jump into this. It's June 10 this morning [1:15A] and I am editing photos, trying to recap on a two month escapade that started with a first time cruise trip on April 6th. Between the time

I can't wait to finish posting the rest of the photos from this beautiful wedding that I photographed for such a wonderful couple. The reception ended at the Houstonian, and I just loved how the

Let's back up. Some time in March, I was sitting at brunch with friends, a little mute from all the deadlines darting through my mind. Talk ricocheted around the table about a Carnival Cruise with

Recently, a distant friend reached out, said "Maigen I see you posting things online and I think we should get together, see what we can create." It was Lanre Omotunwashe, co-owner of one of the

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Fort Worth with a family I now call my own. Terran and I were introduced by a pure hearted West Texan from my hometown, DeeDee. DeeDee, whom I had never

I met this beautiful soul at a pivotal time in my personal life. Not long before, I had just met another crazy creative, Ismael Burciaga. I learned that Ish put on this designer's conference called

I am simply amazed with Patrick Dougherty's Sapling architecture bit at Hermann Park. It is a perfect thing. Come to find out, this guy out of North Carolina goes around sprinkling awesome everywhere

I had the simple honor to photograph a beautiful couple at Hotel Zaza in Houston not long ago. I found myself quietly taking in their perfect fashion staples, such as Joe's hat, and Erica's elegant

Today marks the first push off into cinema for the year and I couldn't be happier to share with you the Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony of Kim Thai to her fiance, Andrew Vaughn. Though originally from

While long overdue, I remembered these photos I took at Hamilton Park on a beautiful day in Austin, just after Thanksgiving. My optimistic friend Brad had called wanting to check out the terrain.

I had the pleasure of photographing a super pretty wedding at the Villa Rinata in December. Located in the Houston Galleria area, it is one of the prettier venues inside the city. I always feel lucky

I feel that I was, well, late to the party when it comes to Karbach Craft Beer. The intelligent people around me in the last couple of years would go straight for Karbach's Rodeo Clown, which is an

I went to New Orleans recently, in part, to show a new friend [Kim] around who had never been. Midway through our drive, the clouds thickened and the weather threatened to storm. "Rain on, we'll cry

A late one again tonight. My brain is full... full of ideas, plans, goals, half baked ideas, other people's ideas, deadlines, getting better, getting stronger, hurting, healing, thinking, wandering,

I love this family. When I first started working with Kelsie and Mike, it was just the two of them. I've been lucky enough to stay with them through pivotal moments as their family has grown now to

Meet Jessica and Lance. You probably can't tell from Jess's bubbly personality just how cold it was while we moved around Downtown Houston and Discovery Green, so I'll tell you - 35 Degrees. I

A couple weekends ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning, hungover and unsettled. This my friends, is a rough combination. Something hit me and I realized I had already lost half my weekend, having

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph this insanely wonderful family. Greta reached out to me after she saw photos I had taken from another just as amazing family, the Clarke's, originally from

Push play, and enjoy the view. Since the wedding was so close to Halloween, Lindsey decided to prank Stew on their First Look. I loved it! And now for the real

I had the opportunity to photograph the energy between a recently engaged pair and had been wanting to shoot in a different area of town, Houston-town that is. So, after a recent shoot down this way

Two months ago, I had the incredible experience to run an entire overhaul that included photography, cinema, and web design for a local cupcake // cake bakery in Friendswood, just outside of Houston.

Meet Jeffrey Hayzlett. If you don't know this incredible individual, look into Kodak, turn on Bloomberg, or familiarize yourself with some of the best C-Level staples of our time. His name might pop

For those of you that don't know, you can take over the world with a face like this. If you haven't already met Susan from my earlier post, meet her now. She is my good friend who was up for a random

While these photos are more than long overdue, I decided to get them up as a Congratulations to my brother and his wife Jenn. They are expecting number two in a few more months! You'd think it might

Meet Susan Dowdy. She is beautiful; stunning actually. Back in the Spring, I had a couple of fashion photoshoots for a product line that wanted to go above and beyond. The client kept mentioning they

"The little things" made all the difference at a recent themed birthday party. Finnley had his friends over to celebrate his second birthday and his decorations were outstanding! I knew the moment I

Meet Bertie. This miniature schnauzer is the sweetest soul. I was in DFW a couple of weekends ago and stayed with one of my amazing friends, Lacey [and Bertie]. A much needed and appreciated visit

I can't get enough of the refreshing feeling this family brings to my life. How one little person can bring that much joy to the people around her is a site to see. We spent a hot morning in the park

And so it is. As are most things; forgotten. "Cinemagraphs" seemed to be a mystery as they brought movement to photographs while somehow managing to obtain the beauty in a still image. It became

I got crazy lucky to meet this couple. They have it all. It was amazing to see the strength of so many friendships they had, all so supportive of their marriage. Carl and So-Yeon were the perfect

The new Dynamo Stadium in Downtown Houston proved to be a perfect place to photograph Kyle and Krystal. That bright orange looked awesome behind them. Congratulations to the marriage of this

Three incredible things came together not long ago for a shoot - the purpose, the place, and the beauty. First, I want you to meet a client of mine, and the place I go now for my "mane" needs.

The Hale Wedding, more shots and details to follow!  

Soha's 1 Year Birthday Party was quite the event, with delicious Indian food and all kinds of amazing details for her pink elephant themed birthday party. Her wonderful parents, Afsheen and Rafiq,

Kelli found my work on and when we first started talking, she told me that I was one of the only photographers she and Joey mutually agreed on. As time went by and their big day grew

I met Greg and Christine about a year ago and just love this couple. Christine is so on top of things, dependable she is. Greg has such a calm nature about him and coupled with Christine's big smile

I just love when I get to see the Clarke's for a shoot! They are a most awesome family, moving here from the England area two or three years ago. The first time I got to photograph them, it was only

It was so nice to be around Amy and Jared on their Wedding Day. They were both so relaxed, and happy to be exactly where they were. It was beautiful to see the way they looked at each other,

Meet Derek and Amber, an incredible set of personalities that I was lucky enough to start off my Spring Wedding Season with, out at La Torretta Resort in Montgomery, Texas. Amber was a well-known

If you have been following my work for a while, you probably remember Melissa Sims. She is a tremendous fellow graphic designer and very good friend of mine. It was her birthday recently and I also

I'm just sneak peakin' after photographing a wedding tonight. Amber had a beautiful bouquet and was Derek's beautiful bride at their wedding in Montgomery, Texas at La Torretta Resort. Lots of pics

I had a great time with Logan on his shoot. We climbed around in helicopters at this awesome facility with great people, and then we made it out to the baseball field. I actually never had pictures

This family is an amazing one. I couldn't have been more honored to photograph them and look forward to many more shoots. They were so easy-going, calm and even sweet Ansley took the same attitude

My two month back to back photography sprint started with So-Yeon and Carl's engagement shoot. This couple had me enjoying every moment I had with them as we moved around the windy and crisp morning