Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the gamut of online services that ultimately result in the sale of a product, brand or otherwise. Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, User Interface and User Experience of a website that has the capacity to sell a good or item to someone, LeadGen Pages, and more are all examples that fall under the “digital marketing” roof. I have stirred the pot of many different platforms within digital marketing so please use the sub-navigation there to the left if you are looking for something specific, say “email marketing” or, you can browse through my motley of digital marketing projects.

I am going to start outlining all the pieces of hardware and software that I work with to run my professional photography business. Took me a nice long time to figure out just exactly what I wanted

I recently had the opportunity for a photo shoot of a personal trainer here in Houston. We discussed how she wanted photos to help in her branding incentives such as a website and some other things.

I have been working with a client for a few thick weeks now, working to get their website just right. The Kolache Shoppe came to me after they'd watched Red Dessert Dive unfold and open its doors.

As my site will allude to, as well as my profession, I love photography and eclectic beautiful things. I've been spending some deep headspace internalizing the idea of what it means to be free and

Chris, my good friend who is a beautiful mind in graphic design for the Houston Astros called me up a couple of months ago. I had been lucky enough to shoot for him before and he said he had a new

Months ago, I came across a woman named Jessica Lusk. She told me she had seen the website I designed for Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood and was interested to have me create a brand for her bakery

It's an interesting thing I've had on my mind the past couple of days. I have a lot of shoots coming up and am needing some creative outlet to "get my mind right" while I look at the way things go

"What is your favorite interactive component of your favorite TV Show?", he asked. Probably the seamlessness between the bend in my elbow and the first drops of my favorite Shiner beer on my lips as

I struggle with something that most creatives do. I will start one project, then bounce to another before finishing the first. Right now, I'm eight deep in half-baked aspirations [and deadlines]. Try

This is how to learn handlettering: Set the pencil down on a blank sheet of paper and start. If your beginning plethoric attempts are anything like mine, you'll have this beautiful script word in

Weston Urban is a client I was also able to mix my photography and web design on. These guys called me up, said they needed a website and when we rounded the corner of the conversation to talk about

Two months ago, I had the incredible experience to run an entire overhaul that included photography, cinema, and web design for a local cupcake // cake bakery in Friendswood, just outside of Houston.

Since March, I have been working with a company called SkillGigs. It started on Dribbble, that inquiry came in, you know the kind that builds your anticipation the further you read. Then suddenly you

And so it is. As are most things; forgotten. "Cinemagraphs" seemed to be a mystery as they brought movement to photographs while somehow managing to obtain the beauty in a still image. It became