I met Courtney and John some years back and instantly gravitated towards them. After talking,  I learned they were in law school at the time and they learned that I was a photographer. Little did I know the opportunity I would get to have with them years later. John reached out to me one day, said he had a plan and he needed my help documenting it. Told me he was going to catch Courtney off-guard at work and that he had an awesome crew there at the courthouse to help him do it.

So I met John outside the courthouse and we perused the halls to Court 6. In the elevator on the way up, it was such a pure and emotional moment to watch John collect himself, take a deep breath and get ready for one of the biggest moments of the rest of his life.

John had the judge in on the secret to occupy Courtney as we entered the room, swooped into position, unannounced and unnoticed. I poised myself in the corner, hiding behind people just out of view and as John was ushered up, I followed suit. Courtney was so engaged in reading that she didn’t look up for a good amount of time, long enough in fact that chuckles and laughter whispered through the crowd as everyone waited in suspense for Courtney to look up. The judge finally intervened and as she whipped her head up, there was John. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and the video! Congratulations Courtney and John!


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