For the first time in a very long time, I feel like there aren’t enough photos in the world to depict the beauty of this place I was recently in to photograph the Tobaben Wedding. Awestruck around every corner, I couldn’t get enough of all the details around me.

Brooke and I met some time back when she had seen photos of a bridal shoot I’d done for a friend of hers and pulled me in to do a shoot with a dog that she and Travis had had for a long time, Babe. Babe had, at the time, recently been diagnosed with kidney failure and wasn’t expected to live much longer. Just as anticipated, shortly after that shoot of beautiful Babe, she did pass away. Brooke had called me to tell me the news, we both were emotional and it strengthened the bond we’d already had. Some time later, Brooke called to let me know she’d just gotten engaged and that I needed to clear my calendar because she was stuffing me in her suitcase to the Dominican Republic to photograph her wedding. What an honor it has been to see this couple grow, watch what they’ve been through and experience their pure hearts. I can’t thank you both enough for taking me (and my better half Drew) to the Dominican to photograph your wedding.

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