I had the simple honor to photograph a beautiful couple at Hotel Zaza in Houston not long ago. I found myself quietly taking in their perfect fashion staples, such as Joe’s hat, and Erica’s elegant birdcage veil. I found myself gravitating towards the style I personally enjoy [twenties] and have since fallen into a fine debate on the vivid style I’m so well known for vs the vintage or retro¬†fad that all “real” photographers shunned our digital age for during post process. What with all the Pinterest whimsicals and history repeating itself through the Roaring Twenties flutter, I don’t know that this vintage thing is so much a fad as it is a reincarnated version of back then. Before I go much further in moving my style one way or another, I’m hoping to get some feedback from my viewers. Which do you prefer more? Do you think I should keep both and treat shoots case by case, or should I move more into one style and “stick to it”? I’m at an interesting crossroads here. And what about all my travel photos? They seem so real in the bright vivid world, like The Sunset in Koh Tao, Thailand.

hotel-zaza-bridehotel zaza rock star room hotel zaza bride hugging outside hotel zaza