If you have ever hung out with this duo, you’d instantly see the down to earth yet charismatic energy they bring. A personable businessman who might as well run for mayor (this dude knows EVERYONE), Hundley always has something intriguing to say and, as he meets new people, he is commendably quick to introduce this beautiful brown-eyed wonder with a noticeably genuine smile that he will soon call his wife, Ashley. Quite the PowerCouple they are, the way they play off of each other you know, maybe even House of Cards style, Idk!, laugh with each other and make anyone around feel perfectly at ease. It excites me the way these two exude class and confidence while never coming off as above the rest.

We spent an effortless afternoon roaming around EaDo here in Houston. The weather couldn’t have been better with enormous cloud coverage and a swift wind that helped us forget the humidity that is quickly approaching with summer.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed spending the day taking them. Bottoms up to you guys. You are just the coolest.

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