Macie is a dear friend of mine. We met years ago, playing dodgeball on a random Saturday afternoon at a sports bar just after college. It got down to just her and I in the game, sizing each other up for the first time. I held a ball in my trusted left hand, thinking I had this in the bag after playing sports all through college. She stood across from me, waiting for me to look away or slip up ever so slightly, with the ball clenched hard in her right hand. We both wound up and launched. My ball ended up falling about 20 feet short as her A&M softball pitching throw nailed me in the upper thigh as the whistle blew and well… defeat set in quite frankly.

Standing there that day, I┬áhad no idea the parts of her life that I would get to be a part of, and the journey we took to continue to stay friends. She’s such a pure beauty, inside and out and it brings me to tears when I sit and think too long at how good of a friend and person she has been in my life, surely so many others. She’s realistic with a practical sense of humor that always leaves me chuckling when we part ways for the day. She’s stunning in every way and I just adored taking these photos of her over the holidays. If you’re interested in having maternity photos taken, I’d love to talk with you.

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