I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Fort Worth with a family I now call my own. Terran and I were introduced by a pure hearted West Texan from my hometown, DeeDee. DeeDee, whom I had never met either, called me up and told me the amazing story of Terran and her family. Terran was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Invasive Ductile Carcinoma and survived it. Years later, Terran was diagnosed again, this time with metastasis to her liver and survived it. Just recently, Terran was diagnosed again, only now, with metastasis in her bones. DeeDee asked if I could meet the family in Fort Worth for some family time photos and I knew there was nowhere else I’d rather be. When I was in college, my family and I lost a close family friend to cancer and I still think about it all the time. I get angry, sad, frustrated, and confused. But when I walked up to Terran and felt the hug in her embrace, it felt like I was standing there with my own family. I couldn’t get enough of them. To watch them so happy with each other, understanding that everything in life is unconditional when you have the right people in it. You guys will see this family again, because I am lucky enough to get to hang out with them this coming week. I’ll be able to write more here later. For now, I have to go photograph a wedding, but I cannot wait to be rigth back here to tell you more about this family. botanical-gardens-spenecer-family13 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family16 botanical-gardens-spencer-family6 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family19 botanical-gardens-spencer-family8 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family15 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family11 botanical-gardens-spencer-family4 botanical-gardens-spencer-family3 botanical-gardens-spencer-family5 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family14 botanical-gardens-spencer-family9 botanical-gardens-spencer-family10 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family17 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family20 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family21 botanical-gardens-spenecer-family18 botanical-gardens-spencer-family1 botanical-gardens-spencer-family2