Back in 2016, I was commissioned to photograph some of the most delicious looking (and tasting) meals at Bovine and Barley, Houston in Downtown. We took an afternoon, cooked up all these meals and I had a heyday photographing these plates in this bomb atmosphere. To be exact, there are 999 bulbs that make up all the lights in the “HTX” sign. Although I certainly would have counted them myself, I didn’t have to, but the owner did!

My favorite photo had to be the grilled cheese that had four mozzarella cheese sticks sandwiched between it! If you keep scrolling, you see the incredible presentation these guys provide for even their burgers that make me want to pick a fry up out of the photo itself and start eating.

Attention to detail did not go amiss in this establishment and for that, I will always enjoy its atmosphere. The owner of this bar concept is someone I’ve grown to respect and be inspired by as he continues to open new establishments and expand the opportunities for people like me to enjoy a little food and great beer. If you haven’t been to this place, you should go as soon as you can.


Bovine and Barley’s brunch game is strong too with the most irresistible breakfast meals. The bar is walking distance to many other fun spots for a day (or night) of shenanigans in Houston and quite frankly, Main Street is my favorite area of town to be out. The history in the walls of these bars and restaurants is just a cool place to be, at least I think so.

The Brisket Tacos

Something about the brisket tacos here makes me instantly “feel” the Rodeo and the flavor in them is something I’ve never been able to recreate or find somewhere else. The sauce that comes with the brisket tacos is something I could almost drink as a sipper, haha!

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This is one of my favorite pairs in my camera bag. I had the hardest time learning what camera gear to
get because photographers were so protective about sharing.

Canon 5D Mark III Camera Body + Canon L Series 35 MM 1.2 Lens