I struggle with something that most creatives do. I will start one project, then bounce to another before finishing the first. Right now, I’m eight deep in half-baked aspirations [and deadlines]. Try sitting down in front of a box fan, inhale a deep breath and then say “Ahhhhhhh” the same as you would if you were at the doctor being checked for a sore throat. That noise… is all I can hear in my brain when I get this busy. Busy isn’t even the right word; When I get this sporadic, yeah that’s more like it, ok and maybe busy. For people who know anything about my industry, it is takes a significant amount of mental bandwidth to curate something visible from the intangible ideas, thoughts, and reverse thoughts your clients have through the process of bringing their products to life. Usually, I have to capture all these big schemes, have an honest conversation about “where we are now” versus the ideology that most meetings find themselves soaring on, organize it in a way that makes sense to me, and then produce something picture perfect that makes sense to them, typically in a few days before the next project demands overlap attention. After all, my goal is to move them from “where we are now” to that ideological goal, otherwise I haven’t done my job for them. I should say something that I entirely mean; I love my life this way. It just gets a big daunting when these ideas bottleneck either because you hit a block in the creative flow of curation, more projects come in, or you just… “Houston, we’re going down…” as it hits 3A [once again]. I’ve been working at random on a project that’s soon to be in the hot seat but man it’s such a cool one! I have drawn the letter “R” I can’t tell you how many times. My latest challenge is to become better at handlettering and I’ll be damned. I’ve come a long way from the block letters my brain was scripting two months ago. I’m still not there and this is the part that my whole post boils down to: Finish something, wouldya! I just need to finish a concept, dropkick it off into the world and get comfortable setting sail to the idea, the look, the design, whatever! Scott Belsky’s “Making Ideas Happen” hit home [right in the jugular!] when it comes to this. Perfectionism… ugh, though much needed, it has a way of debilitating the initial spurt of growth and success. Gotta keep that stuff in check! I know it’s ugly, but it’s mine [I’m prepared to say the same thing about my next pet or hey, ::banging on wood:: even my kid one day. I’ll love the shit out of that kid.] My first completed digitization of a full handlettered word; drizzled with a chance at branding on this WIP. I am looking forward to share with you the progression of this project and that handlettered brand. #neverstopexploring