Meet Jeffrey Hayzlett. If you don’t know this incredible individual, look into Kodak, turn on Bloomberg, or familiarize yourself with some of the best C-Level staples of our time. His name might pop up somewhere.  I met Jeffrey through the one and only, Larry Vaughn a couple of years ago. Both of these people have been amazing mentors to me, whether they knew it or not. For those of you new to my own blog, run. No no, I’m kidding. I split my profession between photography and design… user interface and digital mostly. However, I come from a 4 year tenure of designing and marketing in a print shop. If you think that packaging, letterpress, and paper samples don’t continue to get me ridiculously excited, I have you fooled. And I would entirely disillusion you if I don’t tell you that I had the opportunity many times to sit in the back of our press shop helping to kit rush orders. I have since gone on to work for an SEO start-up and then stumble off on my own. A little luck and a lot of work landed me in Jeff’s good graces to take on the bulk of his creative work that I still currently maintain as coordinated by the wonderful Stephanie Onken. So Jeff told me of some important news he had, that he would be on a TV Show [C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett] on Bloomberg Television and was interested to have me come shoot the Watch Party he was hosting for the Premiere. Incredible Event. A Charismatic Hayzlett. Amazing People. Humor in the air. It gets no better, at least for me. I was so honored to be able to do this and hope you enjoy viewing the personalities I was able to capture throughout Jeffrey’s C-Suite Premiere Watch Party. I love this first photo, with Dustin Grosse and Jeff. Dustin is the CMO for DocuSign, one of my favorite technologies that has made international business much more efficient and safe for me. Electronic and digital signatures for documents goes such a long way in my line of work.



A beautiful Trish Regan, television host on Bloomberg. I just love her!



A favorite from the night.





hayzBloomberg8Mr. Mulder, such a nice man came from overseas for the event. I couldn’t get enough of this gentle soul with stellar specs. Here Jeff is, giving his appreciation to Kees.


Rolanda Watts is such a beautiful woman! She definitely has that light up a room smile that photographers love. Her outfit was so fun to photograph, even in different lighting settings. hayzBloomberg16

Jeff’s jacket was a huge highlight to the night. Attention to detail!




And here, Helene DeLillo, a crazy awesome photographer at the event.


Robert Galinsky took my amusement all night. I just couldn’t stop watching the hilarious moments he produced and LOVED those red glasses!


Karl Post and Miss New York were the most agile individuals at the event. A strong gust of wind threatened to knock the backdrop over onto many innocent bystanders had these two not been so quick to jump to action. If only I had been able to pull my camera away to capture their epic save. At least I got a photo of Mr. and Miss Universe.


The lovely Mrs. Hayzlett and Jeff taking in the moment.



hayzBloomberg5hayzBloomberg24 hayzBloomberg26 hayzBloomberg27The first C-Suite Show was behind the scenes with Dunkin’ Donuts.  Naturally, these delicious snacks made an appearance and I am a sucker for snacks.