A late one again tonight. My brain is full… full of ideas, plans, goals, half baked ideas, other people’s ideas, deadlines, getting better, getting stronger, hurting, healing, thinking, wandering, looking back, thinking forward, looking around. It gets hard sometimes trying to bring an idea to fruition, and the more creative I allow myself to become across different mediums, the harder it gets to pull ideas together into something that, well even makes sense. It’s been a full year to encompass the spectrum of highs and lows; of pushing my own personal understanding of myself; yeah that mostly.  I’m still realizing some debilitating losses while at the very same time, being amazed at the incredible opportunities forming. An unexplainable emotion that I’m still coming to terms with. You know, it’s hard to learn much about something when you’re enduring that something. There’s got to be this reflective bit of time where you can go back and process even the tiniest details of a project, a situation, a decision, a lifestyle, and when you don’t take that time, things get out of focus, disproportionate. That’s what this shoot was about. It wasn’t for money. It wasn’t for anything but my own understanding, my own clarity. I needed something sharp, crisp, complete; A final product. I needed to take all the random things that pop into my brain and capture them, then curate them. I’ve been fascinated by colored smoke flares for too long [going so far as to watch youtube videos, blue, purple, red, yellow, white, making your own flares, I digress]. I love things that shine, and I love people being awesome at what they do so I crafted all three into something and still don’t even know what, but whatever it is, I love it. It’s the clarity I wanted; right out there in Galveston. This woman, Jess, she is stunning and real, wholesome. She works with lululemon and does amazing things there. I wanted to photograph her in her element while I was in mine out on Galveston Beach and I hope you enjoy it. If you feel like being positive, go tell Jess how gorgeous she is, because we all know it was a mini escape to get lost in her effortless beauty through these photos. I want to continue to give all of my clients the best I can and need to purge my own thoughts sometimes to assign a clear mind in executing their ideas, their big days, and their moments in life. I am so grateful for the experiences I have had in the past few months. Gut check.  These photos make me relax. I hope they do the same for you, same as this song does: Oh, and put a positive vibe out there today – Merry Christmas.

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