It started like this…


Even though I’ve been able to take family photos for Andrea, that isn’t quite how I met her. I met Andrea Cone some years back while supporting a charity to benefit Alzheimer’s, known as Blondes vs Brunettes. For a few months out of the year, blondes and brunettes (women) come together to put on a show of fierce, intense and aggressive fundraising and competition that boils up to a powder puff flag football game. We raise between 200k and 300k each year usually. It’s a site to see, to say the very least.

My first year, I got to be on Andrea’s team when she recruited me to “call myself a blonde” though I’m as dark-headed as they come. I didn’t mind because I loved everything about meeting Andrea and her persuasive nature certainly transcends her sales background. I found myself putting a couple of shots back at a bar with her, waking up to a team of 74 blonde-haired teammates and contemplating if blondes really do have more fun. Haha! They do! She was amazing in every way and as time would have it, Andrea would go on to start her family.

She called me up to photograph her firstborn’s newborn photos and the next thing you know, he’s huge, talking and planning to be a big brother! It was absolutely incredible to come back together for Andrea’s family photos just outside of Houston this past fall and I couldn’t be more happy for this beautiful trio as they await their party of 4. Congrats and enjoy!

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This is one of my favorite pairs in my camera bag. I had the hardest time learning what camera gear to
get because photographers were so protective about sharing.

Canon 5D Mark III Camera Body + Canon L Series 35 MM 1.2 Lens