If you have been following my work for a while, you probably remember Melissa Sims. She is a tremendous fellow graphic designer and very good friend of mine. It was her birthday recently and I also know how much little Cos means to her so I decided to pull them out for a shoot. I’m making the jump to full time photography and wedding branding so I wanted to try out some new techniques knowing no better person than a good friend who has supported me since the beginning of my photography business. Thank you Mel!



Something else that is really cool about this girl Melissa is the determination I’ve seen in her over the past year to get in shape. It takes a special kind of person to stay committed to something for that long and this woman made it look easy. You hear about people all the time who say this crazy workout program/half diet changed their life, and I don’t know about you but my selective hearing kicks in right about the time they say in a far too animated tone that their wholllllllle life changed! – No, what Melissa did was commit to eating better, healthy foods and the hardest part, getting her ass in the gym. I’m proud of you Mel, you look great, and so does Cosmo! Look at the legs on this girl!



And look at those legs on little Cos!



cosmo8Cos always has one eye on me. She’s so protective of Melissa! Dynamite, she is.




Gorgeous green eyes and the most fun hair!



cosmo12Found this really cool old firetruck in the Heights..