Two months ago, I had the incredible experience to run an entire overhaul that included photography, cinema, and web design for a local cupcake // cake bakery in Friendswood, just outside of Houston. Being one of the more complicated projects I’ve had the past few months, I am quite happy to say that it went down as one of the smoothest projects. Brittany Todd is a hell of a businesswoman over there at Rise Cupcakes. She knows what she wants, what she doesn’t, and it makes for the only thing that stands in our way to complete a client’s project; decisions. So it all started with a phone call; “Maigen, I want to be on Cupcake Wars and I need a video to send in that shows off my shop, who I am, and what I do.” I hung up the phone and went hunting for a mic. My inner weirdness had me staring at something called a “dead cat” mic on the internet for a little too long. It just looked so cool, this mic. I thought, “If I buy that thing I can take over the world.” So, I headed down the road to Houston Camera Exchange and was told by Mr. Know It All behind the counter that I really only needed this accessory if I was going to be in windy, tumultuous conditions. Nope, just cupcakes, but there might be a fan in the back?…Damnit. Two days later, I packed up my camera gear, and new mic minus the dead cat and headed off to the ‘burbs. No script. No storyboard. I just knew I needed enough footage to clear 3 minutes of polished video. A video that told her whole story. So I decided to have her narrate part of it, then we put in some candid customer interaction and ended up with the many mess-ups that are bound to come with an impromptu project. Days after the video was sent in, Brittany called me to say they had asked her to be part of the show. I had to sit down. I just couldn’t take how awesome she was. A few days later she called to say “So ah, my website needs some updating before this event” which turned into an overhaul. I went out again to shoot her entire line of cupcakes and some cakes she had been making, for the site. Let me tell you. Talent is iced over every single thing in her store and as soon as I was finished with her site, I marched in, ordered a half dozen, sat down to eat 2 of them because I couldn’t wait and then headed home. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t swipe the side of the strawberry cupcake icing a few times on my drive back from the ‘burbs. So her show aired on September 7th, and she threw a big watch party at her shop for it. I hope you enjoy the video and screenshots of her site. If you go into her store, eat an extra cupcake for me and if you happen to order a beverage, [for those of you that know the phrase] pour one out for me. Her site is live here  at:

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