A Curious George themed birthday party took place at the Houston Corner Table for Dylan’s first birthday and it was beautiful. Known for his curious personality, Dylan’s mom decided that only the Curious George theme would be appropriate on such a celebratory occasion. Dylan is the baby brother to two precious girls who were nothing but loving, funny, and energetic at his party. He had a large turnout for his first birthday in this big wide world and I could only imagine how big it would be in his later years if he’s that popular right now! This Curious George theme brought back so many memories from my own childhood that I couldn’t help but smile at all of the fine details these guys put together. I even got to meet Dylan’s grandparents and his nannies.

While walking around the Corner Table, I fell in love even more after every corner I turned. The food smelled delicious, the rooms throughout the venue were full of their own personalities and it is now a place I plan to go for a Friday night drink soon. I’ll also be blogging to put it on a new site I am creating called Chasing Houston. Thank you Anita for having me photograph your son’s first birthday of his life. I feel very honored and look forward to seeing how big and beautiful he grows by 2!

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