I had the opportunity to photograph the energy between a recently engaged pair and had been wanting to shoot in a different area of town, Houston-town that is. So, after a recent shoot down this way for my Cinemagraphs post [with the beautiful Jacqueline Wallace, who by the way styled the perfect outfit that Dejtia is wearing in this post, jewelry and all!], I decided to stroll down Westheimer to see what caught my eye. You can do a lot with a little bit of background, and I love eclectic places, and things. At least that is my thought process because my shots are all about the people, or the subjects; Getting in close to remember them, you know. I found myself around Waugh Drive and Westheimer, near some cool coffee shops and craft beer spots. Into an old building that was either half built or half torn down [I’ll take half built] I went and knew instantly it would be the perfect spot. Thinking my hunt was over, I turned back to my car and noticed only the biggest wall, covered in bright green vines shining brilliance right in front of me. I had this inner moment with myself right there, remembering to constantly keep my eyes open around me. Think about how much we miss because we are not looking out, and around. We all know it, talking about how much more we notice when we walk on foot say, to the grocery store, instead of driving. I aim stay in that thought process and not slip out of it! The beauty of this place though, matched the beauty radiating out of this happy couple. I scored on this day, and remembered a value that I really needed to be pointed out! Style. Class. Beauty. Humor = this couple. Congratulations Detjia and Trey! Enjoy the music!