While these photos are more than long overdue, I decided to get them up as a Congratulations to my brother and his wife Jenn. They are expecting number two in a few more months! You’d think it might be cool to have someone in the family so trigger happy with a camera, but most of the time I get so busy that I don’t come back around to the important things as often as I should. And Jenn has handled my slow turn around for photos in the family with such patience. I can’t thank you enough pretty girl. I hope you guys enjoy these photos as it is a real snapshot into my life back home in West Texas… Abilene. My nephew, Sylas, is a force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait until I get to see you all again. Love you!

jennDerek10 jennDerek1 jennDerek6 jennDerek3 jennDerek7 jennDerek8 jennDerek2 jennDerek12 jennDerek4 jennDerek5 jennDerek14 jennDerek13