It’s an interesting thing I’ve had on my mind the past couple of days. I have a lot of shoots coming up and am needing some creative outlet to “get my mind right” while I look at the way things go together, paying attention to details and the ambiance of a photo at all. I needed to get some adhesive glue for yet another project I will share soon (wrapping my own holiday boxes) and walked out of Hobby Lobby discount city later. I just have to sweep up all the glitter on the floor before Drew gets home. What’s been on my mind is something kind of deep, intricate.

I’ve been watching my LinkedIn newsfeed and another platform of executives that I am on and I actually take the time to read what these know-it-alls are posting about. They talk about the working environment and the impact it has on productivity levels of employees and and all these seemingly hokus pokus concepts with rare discussions on the progress of what they say to be true. It’s finally coming together for me, that there actually is some merit to what they are saying, even though they aren’t saying it directly. A happier society is a healthier economy. In the start to this Holiday season, I myself am experiencing what I’d almost consider a phenomenon to my own personality. I’m walking around, dreamy-eyed, wanting to make beautiful things because I’m in love. I’m excited to find things that are fun to do, fun to look at, and super fun to create. I haven’t been happy like this, maybe ever, and it’s showing in the work I want to put out in the world, my interest in purchasing things which I definitely have to keep in line else I’ll be pawning off everything I own. I feel lucky and loved like never before, and I just want to put good vibes in the world because they are being given to me. So what do you think about my weird table top decorations? Which one is your favorite?

decorating the house for fall


fall decorating