As my site will allude to, as well as my profession, I love photography and eclectic beautiful things. I’ve been spending some deep headspace internalizing the idea of what it means to be free and I’ve decided to collaborate a #freedom Instagram meetup with three beautiful minds, Jessica (model, shown below – @jbwd), Ryan Barker (@crcbarker) and Edi (@edicaves). I have ordered colored smoke flares, red, white and blue, that we will hold in our hands and walk along the beach with. I’m going to do a freedom themed photoshoot with anyone who shows up. It is my hope that other creatives in the worlds of photography, Instagram and video will join us in documenting this #freedom meetup. It is also my hope that anyone who comes to the meetup be dressed in, or bring things that are your interpretation of being free. You can even order colored smoke flares of your own for $6 here at this awesome spot –> Colored Smoke Flares Get creative, and get a little wild.



I hope you’ll join us on Sunday, December 14 where the Seawall and 33rd Street meet in Galveston, Texas at 2P. I’m going to be spending my time instagramming and photographing my ideas of what freedom looks like.