A few months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph an event for the staff of the Houston Astros, a thing they call their modern-day “prom”. Hilarious! It’s a welcome back party after the holidaze┬áthat help them get back into the groove and the crafty individuals at this company even put together a printed menu for the table that says so. I love details! It felt like I was shooting a wedding for a split-moment in time. Then I realized that no, I’m not at a wedding, I’m at the freaking Houston Astros in Union Station capturing memories of the World Series Champions!

It was a time for the support system behind the team to relax and enjoy their success, to reap the reward of their endless days, long nights and loads of stress that can accompany a World Series-winning team. You saw no complaints from this crew, just a general calm through the room, fresh faces and a notion of satisfaction that their efforts had paid off. After getting to work with the Houston Rockets, Astros and even the Dynamo, it always blows my mind to see how hard they scramble behind the scenes to make things go picture-perfect, how intense and passionate they are minute after minute, day after day, month after month and for many, year after year.

I’ve worked with the Houston Astros on and off throughout my years here in Houston and was incredibly honored to be asked to photograph their event by the overwhelmingly talented team photographer Alex and PR genius, Dena.

Unbeknownst to me, as I asked Reid and Jim to gather in the middle of the dance floor, confetti exploded from the ceiling and I caught one of my most favorite photos that I’ve ever taken. It was perfect ambiance, color, meaning. I loved it. Soaked it up kind of loved it. I even walked around with a piece of confetti that had landed smack in the middle of my forehead for a few good minutes before I realized it. That happy. Lol!

I wholeheartedly love photographing events and corporate atmospheres, especially in the sports world. Business is something I enjoy having, doing and watching happen. It’s a process that takes on so many forms and yet somehow, it always ends up doing one primary thing: It provides a means for families and people to enjoy things they like and want to do. The paper trail, you get me? The art of business is something that is extremely underrated, overlooked and everyone allows themselves to be unhappy with their jobs. It may be monotonous but if you love what you do, it’s not a job. Times like this right here, get to remind me of just that. Thank you to the Houston Astros for the opportunity!

I’d love to work with you!