Last year, I had the most fun working with the Houston Rockets AND a handful of puppies. I walked into the building and just about fell over when I saw all these wagging tails, sniffly whimpers, and fluffy babies. I melted into the floor as they slid around the hardwood terrorizing stuffed animals and Rockets gear. I got the cold shoulder from some, and innocent stares from others as I made inhuman noises, even soliciting the Rockets team members to stand behind me, above me and over me to do the same so I could capture the perfect shot. I LOVED how the colors came out in these photos and really enjoy looking back on these images!

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This is one of my favorite pairs in my camera bag. I had the hardest time learning what camera gear to
get because photographers were so protective about sharing.

Canon 5D Mark III Camera Body + Canon L Series 35 MM 1.2 Lens