I met Kate working out one day at the gym and was honored when a good time later she asked me to photograph her wedding. An un-assuming and pleasant soul, Kate approached the day in a most calm demeanor. Nothing seemed to bug her and she had a constant smile on her face. It was inspiring to see how she handled the day, when so many things could be the culprit for a stressful day. Her dress was stunning and I couldn’t stop photographing it, as you can see! 🙂 Congrats on your beautiful day Kate and Derek and I wish you all the best in your move to Abilene, my hometown!gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-houston-photographer gastinger-maigen-sawyer-wedding-photographer-houston-1 gastinger-maigen-sawyer-wedding-photographer-houston-2 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-5 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-8 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-6 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-3 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-2 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-4gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-9gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-10 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-11 gastinger-wedding-maigen-sawyer-second-baptist-church-12