I feel that I was, well, late to the party when it comes to Karbach Craft Beer. The intelligent people around me in the last couple of years would go straight for Karbach’s Rodeo Clown, which is an IPA that I just can’t seem to handle yet. It’s so awesome I have to sit down. I would always take a sip, swallow hard as if it were scotch and once my breath returned, I’d mumble out “I’m not there yet, not there yet. Shiner please,” feeling defeated that I still couldn’t hang with the big boys.

So there I was, in the Kroger grocery store and I see this guy assembling the coolest looking display for Karbach. For all my designer friends out there, this craft beer’s label designs are something of simple inspiration. Just tuck that away when you’re sourcing a different headspace than Dribbble, Behance, and award winning design sites to get inspired. It’s just, different. At any rate, I paced behind this poor guy just long enough to make him wonder if I was about to steal a six pack and then I asked him to educate me. I’m in the curious phase of craft beer right now. You should see my random trip to San Diego where I stumbled into Beer Week and met a super cool group of people, including one of the specialty brewers for Ballast Point. Craft beer is one of the best acquisitions that has ever been shown to me, a favor that was said to improve my quality of life. It has. So the kind gentleman, Jax, led me to another kind gentleman from Karbach and they both steered me in the direction of these two lovely brews, the Sympathy and the seasonal Mother in Lager. Mother in Lager is my favorite of the two but, they are both are quite tasteful. So glad Houston has this craft brewery. Oh, and that background in these photos is a shot from a time lapse series I did of downtown Houston and then had it printed on wood [this is one of my current projects, to build a website that allows you to print your photos on wood, metal, canvas, and even across an entire wall, wallscapes we call them]. Anyway, can’t wait to show that website! #gohouston – Keep doing cool things. I’m going to make it to that IPA one day! Don’t waste your young years:

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