I met this beautiful soul at a pivotal time in my personal life. Not long before, I had just met another crazy creative, Ismael Burciaga. I learned that Ish put on this designer’s conference called Circles. I had plans to be somewhere else that weekend but there was nowhere else I wanted to be, and everything inside of me knew it. All the amazing creatives I’ve watched online through the years were coming to this thing. I felt so out of the loop, and that’s because I was. Worrying about all the wrong things regressive to my career and my own life passions. I was following some impractical idea and I was ready to make my life something I was happy to wake up to.

As I sat down for the day’s sessions, I found myself filing into a row with Kendall and another stunningly talented designer, Megan Gray. They had me smiling, laughing, and inspired all at once. We were drawing on papers, motivated by Sean Wes‘s jaw dropping stunts, listening to the struggles of other creatives, instagramming, tweeting, and storming on how we could be better. Little did I know that in the last 5 months, not only has my creativity and business expanded, but so has my quality of life. I get to talk to people on the regular that actually get excited about things. They create, far better than me. We get to talk tips, tricks of the trade. We keep each other honest, and we burn the midnight oil together. This is the way my life is supposed to be, a happy one, with real people who want to be better.

When I found this place, this sapling adventure made by Patrick Dougherty, I called up the only girl who has the “earth” thing DOWN. Kendall’s instgram imagery is something I look at every time I start grasping for inspiration. Her energy is so welcoming that I just want to stuff her in my backpack and run off into the world. I called her up, said “If there is ever a place I want to be photographed at, I found it; This Braveheart world in Houston.” Really, it’s a sapling design made by Patrick Dougherty of North Carolina. Kendall knows I’ve never been on the receiving end of a real camera so the moment my deer in the headlights expression hit, we both erupted. She told me to shake it out and then she actually showed me how. This my friends, is rockstar hair.

Cheers to the good people in your life. You can never have too many of those, and let’s not forget the beautiful minds like Patrick Dougherty that make living a little more pleasant.

Having fun with Kendall at the Saplings Kendall Hanna's Awesome Hair

Kendall Hanna at Patrick Dougherty Saplingskendall-hanna-1 kendall-hanna3 kendall-hanna-2

Patrick Dougherty Saplings Art

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