Three incredible things came together not long ago for a shoot – the purpose, the place, and the beauty. First, I want you to meet a client of mine, and the place I go now for my “mane” needs. Kharisma Hair Studio is located in the Galleria here in Houston, caddy corner to the Galleria Mall. My line of work often leads me into meeting the most amazing people in the most random of places, and this stood true when I met Eric, the owner of Kharisma Hair Studio. His charismatic nature instantly had me interested in his business and before I knew it, I was sitting in a chair for my first hair color. After all, I was going to try them out myself before I told my brides and clients to check them out! I often get asked who I’d recommend for hair styling or make-up artists = these guys. I want to back up here to point out the best part of my experience; the magical hands of the lady shampooing my hair. That massage had me so relaxed and I respected them that much more for making an experience out of that moment instead of running through it on autopilot. After Eric colored my hair, he moved me to Roi, this hair stylist that listened to exactly how I wanted my hair cut and came through just as I had asked but not before he let me know that if I wanted a mohawk or LED lights in my hair, he was the guy for the job. Anyone who knows me knows that the LED lights are never beyond my presentational interests. I digress.


So I set out organizing this shoot with Tiffany, one of the great masterminds behind Kharisma. We decided we wanted a summery, energetic woman in front of the camera. My mind skipped right over the stiff models I’ve had to work with lately from talent agencies [controversial? well it’s true and we all have our preferences] and I instantly called on Moe, a Texans Cheerleader and kickass friend of mine. We all have a few friends that are guaranteed good times, just down for anything, and she’s one of them. She was a perfect fit. I couldn’t have pictured it any other way. Roi and Travis, both hair stylists at Kharisma put so many looks to this one girl and they all just fell perfectly into place. Then Misty with A Perfect Face came through on some of the best eye-makeup I’ve seen in quite a while. It photographed so well! The last piece was to find a venue just right for our vision. Proof Bar & Patio in Midtown Houston was nominated and it could not have been a better choice for the style we were chasing. A rooftop bar with the perfect breeze this place was.  I was way too excited about the attention to detail these guys put into their space and Jason Lowery was stellar to work with. I cannot wait to go back there to enjoy a few drinks after this sprint of projects is over! Hey, around here, we work hard and then play hard. I hope you enjoy the photos and can’t wait to share more. Let me know what you think!

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