Finally having a blog that works how I want it to is making all the difference in my interest level to post. My treasure chest of photoshoots, design, travel photos, ideas, and freebies is about to burst at the seams and finally, I can share them in a place I enjoy existing. What you are looking at is a real sunset down on the island of Koh Tao in Southern Thailand. A mid January evening [this year] produced this breathtaking sky that put me in a state of calm so vivid I can reproduce it in my mind every time I close my eyes. I won’t lie to you right now and say that Thailand was a place I enjoyed, or would suggest. My perception might be skewed though by the “backpacker’s” experience I walked down as compared to staying in a resort. Don’t get me wrong, I became a fan of backpacking, just not in Thailand. I digress. Nonetheless, my bright spot of Thailand is sitting right here in this photo, a finest hour. I even created a time-lapse of the entire sunset that I will share once I find a good reason to. You might get bored with a quick 4 seconds so I will wait until I have something purposeful. Below are a few photos that I posted some time back all in KohTao. I hope my photos cause you to ignore my disposition and see it for yourself. Ended up meeting a fun group from Sweden that I recently talked to about meeting them in Scotland or Iceland. Just never know where this life will lead. Man, it feels so nice to have this blog, did I already say that? Getting out the rampant thoughts in my head might be the best thing I’ll have done for myself in years. Look at that old, crappy logo! Cheers to change, and new music.

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