Well, better late than never. I’m a staggering 70+ photo shoots behind in posting. 2015 and 2016 feel like they’ve been the sum of one long year. Lots of brand development clients and marketing and while I’ve still been doing the photography, I sure have been quiet in light of the fast moving marketing world. I’m pretty passionate to get back in line and have some awesome news of my own. I’m engaged and our wedding is coming up quickly. It’s probably why I’m switching gears back into promoting photography. I just couldn’t be more excited to marry this man who has brought so much laughter and happiness to my life. I digress until I post for myself. In the meantime, here is a wedding I photographed last year that I just loved hitting the “Golden Hour” out in the woods with. This couple is surely a special pair, both so full of life and good vibes. They’re actually pregnant now, some year later and I couldn’t be happier for them. Just making life happen, they are. Congratulations!


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