I got crazy lucky to meet this couple. They have it all. It was amazing to see the strength of so many friendships they had, all so supportive of their marriage. Carl and So-Yeon were the perfect couple to use my new editing processes on and I love how their photos turned out! The Magnolia Hotel in downtown Houston had so many different looks around the venue that I was having such a great day! What a classic, and beautiful wedding to celebrate this dynamic and incredible pair. Congratulations you guys! I also want to give a special thank you to three kind friends here in Houston who all happened to know this couple and all referred me to Carl and So. Thanks Little Carl, Chez, and Sean! Good people bring more good people. Reception photos coming in second part next week. Look at this shot right in front of the Magnolia Hotel! I loved it!!!stewart2 stewart11 stewart9 stewart5 stewart7 stewart6 stewart3 stewart8 stewart4 stewart12 stewart1 stewart10