I am going to start outlining all the pieces of hardware and software that I work with to run my professional photography business. Took me a nice long time to figure out just exactly what I wanted and it’s always a good idea to continue your exploration of your craft. But you do get amped about “your setup”. Too many people closed doors on me as I tried to ask questions so I’m at a point where I believe it’s time to give back, and pay it forward. As I continue to grow this page, one of the most important things I want to tell you is that, it’s okay if your style doesn’t match every VSCO and Instagram post you’ve ever seen. Let your craft show who you are!

My primary setup right now is this:

Canon 5D Mark III Camera Body + Canon L Series 35 MM 1.2 Lens

The Lifestyle Getup

I went through a phase of overseas traveling from 2012-2014 and just before all of those adventures, I researched a lot of equipment. I owned a Canon L Series 50 MM Lens at the time and hated what I was getting with it, when it came to capturing the whole scene in front of me. I realized I wanted what I coined a “lifestyle” lens, a lens that could tell the story around my subject (or what was in focus) in the photo. If I took a photo of a beer on a table, for instance from my husband’s and my honeymoon, I wanted you to be able to see the boozy atmosphere around it, the ocean and the grit in the table, instead of just the beer bottle. This is why I chose the 35 MM L Series Canon Lens for my Canon 5D Mark III Camera Body. My husband actually took this photo. He’s kind of really awesome.