It’s been interesting for me, growing up in a home where the football or the basketball game was never on TV and your dad wasn’t ever yelling at the announcers. There were no Super Bowl parties at our house and there certainly wasn’t any signed jersey hanging on any wall in our home. I’ll spare you the details on the missing dad, but the point is, I grew up into adulthood without knowing what Sports Center on ESPN really was. I didn’t even know what all ESPN reported on. But I played NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball and made a tiny little mark on that school. I went on to develop my skills as a photographer, web design and brand developer and by the grace above, I found my way to the Houston Rockets. This marks my fourth year with them and each year that goes by, I feel even more deeply overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for what’s happened for me. I do not discredit my own hustle to get there because hustle is an understatement. And the moment you feel comfortable, is the time that someone sweeps in.

When I was in college, my older brother told me “It makes perfect sense why you hold the all time leading three point record. You stay in the gym shooting threes until midnight, doing things no one else wants to do, to get ahead in your conference.” It was one of the pivotal moments that burned into my memory that day and constantly reintroduces itself in principle, over and over. If you put in the time other people don’t, you will be prepared for the moment of opportunity. The moment you get comfortable, you better hope that you don’t get passed by because there is always someone bigger, and better than you.” It’s just that simple, and that true. Being nice to people is another “here’s your sign” obvious principle and you’d be surprised how many people ignore it. Or sadly maybe not.

While there are many instances in a person’s life that they can turn to when deciding to take on a jaded life outlook, I choose to focus on my craft, and where it’s led me and how I can impact other people’s lives with it. Back in 2015, it and the incredible people who hired me, sat me down in front of a stage with a group of legendary players and coach Rudy Tomjanovich. The interesting thing for me is, not only have I had the chance to interact in fleeting moments with these walking documentaries, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you who they were ten years ago, or be able to tell you all the stories about how they rose to success. The games were never on at home, remember? Even better, my best friend, who also is my husband has taught me more about the history of sports in the last few years than I had learned or understood in the previous 25. It’s remarkable in a way, the crash coursing I’ve put myself through to learn all the hidden back stories and keep my ear turned to the tube hanging on the words, asking questions and endlessly researching. Basketball was a road I took that kept me out of a lot of trouble. It bonds me with so many others who have similar stories and for that very thing, I’m beyond words to describe my gratitude. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do, for all they stand for.

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