Meet Clint. He is a fellow traveling friend that I met in France over a year ago who reached out to me recently, said he was at Jack’s Dive Chest, a diving certification facility in Cape Town, South Africa and asked if I was up for adventure and some photography work. I’ve gotten comfortable with flying across the world on my own in the past year and a half, so I thought, “Why not?” Not long after, I was jumping off of a ship coming from Jamaica and Mexico one morning and hopping on a plane the same night bound for South Africa.

I have finally arrived here in Cape Town, after a 10 hour flight to a 7 hour layover in Istanbul, Turkey, and a lasting 12 hour flight from Istanbul to Cape Town. Couldn’t be happier with how breathtaking it all is. On the layover, I met a Graphic Designer from India. We swapped stories and our latest works. Then I met a new friend who lives in DC, Aziz, from Egypt who was traveling home to visit his family. Turns out he is only one day older than me, and we are both left handed. Meet him here. I was able to capture this sunset photo on the way in and just love the colors! Feel free to contact me from my homepage if you would like this as a Wallpaper – Cheers!