Meet Susan Dowdy. She is beautiful; stunning actually. Back in the Spring, I had a couple of fashion photoshoots for a product line that wanted to go above and beyond. The client kept mentioning they wanted a classic look and Susan’s simple elegance was all that filled my thoughts. Nothing else was quite as perfect. I sifted through the backlog of agency models and just couldn’t get past the idea that Susan, my friend and roommate, was the perfect fit for this shoot. I called her up, popped the question [not that question] and she was down. I love the way her photos turned out and could not have asked for it to go any better, when it comes to her. The only thing I still think about though is the injustice I caused, not being able to get in and focus solely on her – But don’t fear. We are headed to NYC soon the weekend before I prepare for a most amazing shoot [that I can’t wait to share with you] and I’ve decided that while we enjoy a girl’s weekend, I’m going to make Susan my subject, in NYC. I’m utterly excited at how these are going to turn out. She’s awesome. Team Susan!

susan2 susan1 susan5