A couple very near and dear to my heart got married this summer and we got to head back home to West Texas for the festivities. Brant’s always been the tough guy so it was an emotional time for everyone to see him get choked up when he saw his lady all dressed in white. Those photos will forever be stuck in my mind when I think of them now. Congratulations on starting the rest of your lives together Sarah and Brant. Drew and I love you very much! You guys are perfect together!IMG_0077webReady lundgren-wedding-1 IMG_0141webReady IMG_0193webReady IMG_0207webReady IMG_0221webReady IMG_0646_HDRwebReady IMG_0575webReady IMG_0958webReady IMG_1110webReady IMG_1030webReady lundregn-wedding02 IMG_1242webReady IMG_1190webReady IMG_0964webReady IMG_1283webReady IMG_1352webReady IMG_1346webReady IMG_1183webReady