Color was not missing from the spots we found around Houston, nor was it missing in the personalities of these two on their engagement shoot. My time spent with Morgan and Coby was effortless and refreshing as their energy kept us optimistic through the heat and our raging “hanger” (hunger and anger) near the end of the shoot. I’m beyond excited to be photographing their wedding in just a few short weeks with all the fun things they have planned. I’ve known this couple for a few years now, and have always adored how much they care for each other. That can’t be faked in photos and I’m honored they have asked me to photograph one of the biggest days of their lives together. I’m looking forward to writing more about this shoot but have to run down the road now to Deer Park for a new sports graphic design project. I also just recently launched a website that made its way to Wall Street Journal!

sonnier-engagement Montrose in Houston has beautiful backgrounds sonnier-on-westheimer sonnier-triangles sonnier-green-wall sonnier-engagement-yellow-wall Sonnier Engagement on Westheimer Sonnier Engagement on Westheimer sonnier-montrose



sonnier sonnier-coby Biscuit Wall! sonnier-morgan