I got into this building called the Rand in San Antonio and went rogue. Well, I was commissioned to be there but no sooner than I had been given the orders was I standing there alone, in this building dating back to the 20’s, under extreme renovation. I crawled through the mayhem, psyched myself out in the basement alone and accidentally swallowed a puff of not-sure-what-that-was debri after coughing my way through a super thin walk-space. I decided to geek out with HDR on this shoot, to exemplify the incredible features. There were two working floors, for Geekdom, this too-legit-to-quit co-working space that always has this energy to draw me into San Antonio. It’s where I feel that I could really nerd out, you know, be my tech-rampant self. I love when I’m called to do a project like this. Hope you enjoy these shots that I came out on the other side with. Had to deep clean my camera after this and now I’m back in business! Hire Me for a similar job?

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