All weddings have some type of special memory for me that I can take away and remember, be it a situation that I gained wisdom from for how someone handled it, or different ways of doing things for a wedding. All kinds of things happen at weddings and it’s a time, that for most will always be remembered, much more vividly than other days, or events. This wedding right here, this one that I photographed, show stopping, stunner sort of kind. Not only was the bride gorgeous, the groom a perfect to pair beside her, but it’s the last wedding I will photograph until I get to have my own, with my perfect human and I’ll say, he’s every bit of that.

I loved how this wedding, this couple, they focused only on each other. They enjoyed the day with their closest friends and family, but every few moments, their eyes would scan the room for the other, and not long after, they’d be side by side again. And I’ll be honest, I’m not making this up to fill words on a page. There are plenty of other stories I could conjure up, but it stuck out to me. Albeit I’m already hyper-sensitive and every single thing makes me want to cry, I just adored how they looked at each other and it was a different smile that came across their faces when they were addressing each other. From where I sat, there behind the camera, a place that I am hawk-eyeing facial expressions and moments to no end, it was so simply pleasant and hopeful for me to get to do for them. Congrats Emma and Drew. You two have a long life of great memories ahead! I’m just glad I got to capture this part of it for you!

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