Weston Urban is a client I was also able to mix my photography and web design on. These guys called me up, said they needed a website and when we rounded the corner of the conversation to talk about content, everyone grew silent. This is nothing new in our industry. No one knows where to start, or end for that matter. It’s overwhelming, trying to put down a company’s “-esque” onto a blank slate. Try it sometime. We finally came out on the other side and realized that these guys honestly didn’t need a novel of content to tell their story. This is when I decided that imagery would play a huge role in this ever so fitting company of commercial real estate. I headed out for a weekend on a shoot around Downtown San Antonio, paced out in front of the Rand Building anytime I needed inspiration and this is what I came up with. For anyone with an educated eye reading this, you’ll notice I snuck in one of my favorite technologies in the photos – HDR. Boom. I loved it. Hope that you do too. By the way, the Rand Building es mi favorito.
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Weston Urban // The Rand Building

San Antonio Riverwalk in HDR

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