Kelli found my work on and when we first started talking, she told me that I was one of the only photographers she and Joey mutually agreed on. As time went by and their big day grew closer, we decided to meet up for drinks at a little bar tucked away in the Heights of Houston called The Crisp. I had no idea how much this couple would mean to me weeks later. You meet people in your life – after all, that’s what life is; The people around you and the experiences you have. But you never know what will come of your interactions with any one person.

zelenske19Kelli instantly had my attention the moment she walked up. She was direct in her conversation, interjecting humor at all the right times and after a few more topics came and went, I felt like I had known her for much longer than an hour and a first impression would allow. Watching the way this couple interacted as Joey walked up to the table, it became increasingly apparent that this was a very real couple, with very real experiences and a strong belief in life, and love. They were inspiring to me, the way Kelli’s eyes sparked and I just adored the way Joey looked over at Kelli. All I could think was “He’s going to take such good care of her.” It will always be a time I look back on to remember my passion for wedding photography.

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Kelli and Joey got married at the Courtyard on St. James Place and I am just crazy about this venue, especially considering its central location inside Houston. I hear the Courtyard on St. James Place is making some big changes this December so if you’re looking for a nice venue, get with it! The Courtyard is covered in amazing ivy and manicured so well. I could go on and on 🙂zelenske6 zelenske14 zelenske25 zelenske24 zelenske17 zelenske16 zelenske22 zelenske26 zelenske18 zelenske12zelenske10 zelenske4 zelenske7 zelenske1zelenske30 zelenske5 zelenske29 zelenske32 zelenske34zelenske33 zelenske9 zelenske31 zelenske20 zelenske11Congratulations again Kelli and Joey! You are a beautiful couple.