This year, I was commissioned to shoot a series of head shot portraits for the real estate company, Finch Properties. Finding that a setting inside a home would make the most sense for the

"What is your favorite interactive component of your favorite TV Show?", he asked. Probably the seamlessness between the bend in my elbow and the first drops of my favorite Shiner beer on my lips as

I can't wait to finish posting the rest of the photos from this beautiful wedding that I photographed for such a wonderful couple. The reception ended at the Houstonian, and I just loved how the

I struggle with something that most creatives do. I will start one project, then bounce to another before finishing the first. Right now, I'm eight deep in half-baked aspirations [and deadlines]. Try

I live within walking distance of Heaven in Houston. Meet Sammy's Wild Game Grill on Washington Avenue in Houston. I must say that it is one of the best restaurants here. If you are in town visiting,

This is how to learn handlettering: Set the pencil down on a blank sheet of paper and start. If your beginning plethoric attempts are anything like mine, you'll have this beautiful script word in

I went to the Circles Conference in Grapevine [DFW Area] this past week and still haven't come down off the elation of being around that many talented people at one time. Thanks to another beautiful

"The little things" made all the difference at a recent themed birthday party. Finnley had his friends over to celebrate his second birthday and his decorations were outstanding! I knew the moment I

I'm crazy about music. It's a rare time when an addictive personality is a good thing. I once had a neighbor write a note and tuck it nicely into my doorframe; "Maigen, I really like the song

I always knew it. One of the hardest things to do while running my own show would be the upkeep on my own business as my efforts were spent on my clients. Branding is such an integral part of any