I did this set of photoshoots for a well-known rug store in the Galleria of Houston. Madison Lily was looking for an innovative way to display their rugs. At the time I was also working for an internet company as the Director of Interactive Marketing. When they learned that I was also a photographer, they began pushing me to the company’s clients. Madison Lily was one of the first collaborations I had the pleasure to work with.

So we sat down for a set of meetings and began the scheming and theming for the brand’s upcoming magazine space in the Houston Modern Luxury mag. We yanked rugs all over that floor and we even brought in many beautiful models to build a lifestyle energy to the others flat rugs (all pun intended 🙂 We even solicited my (then) roommate as one of the models for the shoot at Madison Lily! Below are a few favorites. Many of the photos from these shoots got published in the Houston Modern Luxury magazine multiple times.

One of my favorite things about this style of shoot is what you can do with all the lighting. I had my umbrellas and tethered the entire shoot. Editorial shoots are a way to organize your chaos and create some absolutely riveting imagery. In this particular shoot, we wanted to mix both a lifestyle feel with an elegant editorial vibe and these are the images we came out on top with!