I had the pleasure of photographing a super pretty wedding at the Villa Rinata in December. Located in the Houston Galleria area, it is one of the prettier venues inside the city. I always feel lucky

I feel that I was, well, late to the party when it comes to Karbach Craft Beer. The intelligent people around me in the last couple of years would go straight for Karbach's Rodeo Clown, which is an

I went to New Orleans recently, in part, to show a new friend [Kim] around who had never been. Midway through our drive, the clouds thickened and the weather threatened to storm. "Rain on, we'll cry

I struggle with something that most creatives do. I will start one project, then bounce to another before finishing the first. Right now, I'm eight deep in half-baked aspirations [and deadlines]. Try

A late one again tonight. My brain is full... full of ideas, plans, goals, half baked ideas, other people's ideas, deadlines, getting better, getting stronger, hurting, healing, thinking, wandering,

I love this family. When I first started working with Kelsie and Mike, it was just the two of them. I've been lucky enough to stay with them through pivotal moments as their family has grown now to

Meet Jessica and Lance. You probably can't tell from Jess's bubbly personality just how cold it was while we moved around Downtown Houston and Discovery Green, so I'll tell you - 35 Degrees. I

I know it's been some time since I posted a Wallpaper. So I was perusing some old photos that never made it out of the archives and stumbled upon this little gem. This shot was taken right before the

I live within walking distance of Heaven in Houston. Meet Sammy's Wild Game Grill on Washington Avenue in Houston. I must say that it is one of the best restaurants here. If you are in town visiting,

This is how to learn handlettering: Set the pencil down on a blank sheet of paper and start. If your beginning plethoric attempts are anything like mine, you'll have this beautiful script word in

A couple weekends ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning, hungover and unsettled. This my friends, is a rough combination. Something hit me and I realized I had already lost half my weekend, having

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph this insanely wonderful family. Greta reached out to me after she saw photos I had taken from another just as amazing family, the Clarke's, originally from