It started like this...   Even though I've been able to take family photos for Andrea, that isn't quite how I met her. I met Andrea Cone some years back while supporting a charity to benefit

Getting to photograph the Duggins Family for their Holiday Photos this year in 2017 was a great time. In the past, I got to photograph their newest addition, their little baby girl and now their

Less than one day before Hurricane Harvey, I hopped in my SUV and marched up to the Houston Heights for an in-home family newborn photoshoot. Meet Katherine, one of the most animated and relaxed

I am a Houston Family Photographer and this super little human, Kyle is 3 years old this year. Also, this is my second time to get to photograph him for his birthday! My how big he got in just a

I don't know whether to begin this post by saying that it has taken me since the day before Thanksgiving to pull the trigger on posting these photos of Jason Terry and his family or by freaking the f

I got to photograph a reveal party this Valentine's Day of 2016. Reveal parties are always a good time because you get to capture a very pure moment in life; the surprise unveiled where a family

My best friend had Baby #2 recently and she made it look far too easy to someone who has never even had one mini. Meet Jolee Brackett and her big brother Tyce. I tried out my new camera, with a lens

This day caught me by surprise. I met Lindsay and Kris Morris at a wedding they attended in the Dominican Republic for a most beautiful woman and incredible man inside and out, Brooke and Travis

Something interesting happened to me a few weeks ago, something that hasn't happened to since I've lived in Houston, over 6 years now. I finally felt home. Houston's always been "that city I moved

I recently had the wonderful pleasure of photographing this super cool couple right in the heart of EaDo (East Downtown), Houston. We roamed around on back streets, I met the pup and kitty and got to

I have been graciously shooting for the Houston Rockets (and man, I'm about to go ham (drew :) blogging about it (as long as they're approved!) I recently found myself standing in front of Trevor

A Curious George themed birthday party took place at the Houston Corner Table for Dylan's first birthday and it was beautiful. Known for his curious personality, Dylan's mom decided that only the

I also met this beautiful couple out in the Dominican while there to photograph the Tobaben Wedding. Their smiles were contagious and their humor was something I enjoyed most. I'm convinced that

While I was in the Dominican Republic photographing the Tobaben Wedding, a few of the guests decided to pull me over for a quick shoot of their own. Resourceful I thought, my kind of thing. This

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Fort Worth with a family I now call my own. Terran and I were introduced by a pure hearted West Texan from my hometown, DeeDee. DeeDee, whom I had never

I love this family. When I first started working with Kelsie and Mike, it was just the two of them. I've been lucky enough to stay with them through pivotal moments as their family has grown now to

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph this insanely wonderful family. Greta reached out to me after she saw photos I had taken from another just as amazing family, the Clarke's, originally from

While these photos are more than long overdue, I decided to get them up as a Congratulations to my brother and his wife Jenn. They are expecting number two in a few more months! You'd think it might

"The little things" made all the difference at a recent themed birthday party. Finnley had his friends over to celebrate his second birthday and his decorations were outstanding! I knew the moment I

Meet Bertie. This miniature schnauzer is the sweetest soul. I was in DFW a couple of weekends ago and stayed with one of my amazing friends, Lacey [and Bertie]. A much needed and appreciated visit

I met Timothy and Bobbi in Forth Worth for their shoot and loved the comfort in every minute that I was with them. The energy between them was so energizing and hopeful. I hate that it's taken me so

I can't get enough of the refreshing feeling this family brings to my life. How one little person can bring that much joy to the people around her is a site to see. We spent a hot morning in the park

Soha's 1 Year Birthday Party was quite the event, with delicious Indian food and all kinds of amazing details for her pink elephant themed birthday party. Her wonderful parents, Afsheen and Rafiq,

I just love when I get to see the Clarke's for a shoot! They are a most awesome family, moving here from the England area two or three years ago. The first time I got to photograph them, it was only

I had a great time with Logan on his shoot. We climbed around in helicopters at this awesome facility with great people, and then we made it out to the baseball field. I actually never had pictures