Traveling to Paris was an adventure in its own right but once there, it was as if we had teleported to a place that was simply unfathomable. Words don't do it justice, and pictures barely scratch the

A little over a year ago, my husband and I decided we would get serious about traveling to Europe. I told him I had to see Venice and left it to him to decide the rest. We sat down over a beer,

For the first time in a very long time, I feel like there aren't enough photos in the world to depict the beauty of this place I was recently in to photograph the Tobaben Wedding. Awestruck around

I also met this beautiful couple out in the Dominican while there to photograph the Tobaben Wedding. Their smiles were contagious and their humor was something I enjoyed most. I'm convinced that

While I was in the Dominican Republic photographing the Tobaben Wedding, a few of the guests decided to pull me over for a quick shoot of their own. Resourceful I thought, my kind of thing. This

Bud Light's Whatever USA contest kicked off with an ad campaign during last year’s Super Bowl featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though the commercial was clever and entertaining, I didn't think much

So the real reason I was in Africa was to get these shots of this amazing diving school there just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. I decided I wanted to run the shoot in HDR and loved the shots I

I'll just jump into this. It's June 10 this morning [1:15A] and I am editing photos, trying to recap on a two month escapade that started with a first time cruise trip on April 6th. Between the time

Let's back up. Some time in March, I was sitting at brunch with friends, a little mute from all the deadlines darting through my mind. Talk ricocheted around the table about a Carnival Cruise with

Meet Clint. He is a fellow traveling friend that I met in France over a year ago who reached out to me recently, said he was at Jack's Dive Chest, a diving certification facility in Cape Town, South

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Fort Worth with a family I now call my own. Terran and I were introduced by a pure hearted West Texan from my hometown, DeeDee. DeeDee, whom I had never

I am simply amazed with Patrick Dougherty's Sapling architecture bit at Hermann Park. It is a perfect thing. Come to find out, this guy out of North Carolina goes around sprinkling awesome everywhere

While long overdue, I remembered these photos I took at Hamilton Park on a beautiful day in Austin, just after Thanksgiving. My optimistic friend Brad had called wanting to check out the terrain.

I went to New Orleans recently, in part, to show a new friend [Kim] around who had never been. Midway through our drive, the clouds thickened and the weather threatened to storm. "Rain on, we'll cry

A late one again tonight. My brain is full... full of ideas, plans, goals, half baked ideas, other people's ideas, deadlines, getting better, getting stronger, hurting, healing, thinking, wandering,

A couple weekends ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning, hungover and unsettled. This my friends, is a rough combination. Something hit me and I realized I had already lost half my weekend, having

For those of you that don't know, you can take over the world with a face like this. If you haven't already met Susan from my earlier post, meet her now. She is my good friend who was up for a random

Finally having a blog that works how I want it to is making all the difference in my interest level to post. My treasure chest of photoshoots, design, travel photos, ideas, and freebies is about to

I went to the Circles Conference in Grapevine [DFW Area] this past week and still haven't come down off the elation of being around that many talented people at one time. Thanks to another beautiful