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Red Dessert Dive came packing the heat with the most delicious beer bread and bread pudding combinations I’ve seen in quite a while. They complete the meal with the best

There wasn’t a thing in the store that I couldn’tresist trying,

This year, I was commissioned to shoot a series of head shot portraits for the real estate company, Finch Properties. Finding that a setting inside a home would make the most sense for the

My best friend had Baby #2 recently and she made it look far too easy to someone who has never even had one mini. Meet Jolee Brackett and her big brother Tyce. I tried out my new camera, with a lens

Fall is coming, never mind Winter! It's a time where we celebrate that August, the hottest month of the year here in Houston, is behind us. Football has started and many of our better halves are

This day caught me by surprise. I met Lindsay and Kris Morris at a wedding they attended in the Dominican Republic for a most beautiful woman and incredible man inside and out, Brooke and Travis

A couple very near and dear to my heart got married this summer and we got to head back home to West Texas for the festivities. Brant's always been the tough guy so it was an emotional time for

I got into this building called the Rand in San Antonio and went rogue. Well, I was commissioned to be there but no sooner than I had been given the orders was I standing there alone, in this

Something interesting happened to me a few weeks ago, something that hasn't happened to since I've lived in Houston, over 6 years now. I finally felt home. Houston's always been "that city I moved

I met Courtney and John some years back and instantly gravitated towards them. After talking,  I learned they were in law school at the time and they learned that I was a photographer. Little did I

If you have ever hung out with this duo, you'd instantly see the down to earth yet charismatic energy they bring. A personable businessman who might as well run for mayor (this dude knows EVERYONE),