Back in 2016, I was commissioned to photograph some of the most delicious looking (and tasting) meals at Bovine and Barley, Houston in Downtown. We took an afternoon, cooked up all these meals and

Last year, I had the most fun working with the Houston Rockets AND a handful of puppies. I walked into the building and just about fell over when I saw all these wagging tails, sniffly whimpers, and

I recently had the opportunity for a photo shoot of a personal trainer here in Houston. We discussed how she wanted photos to help in her branding incentives such as a website and some other things.

I have been working with a client for a few thick weeks now, working to get their website just right. The Kolache Shoppe came to me after they'd watched Red Dessert Dive unfold and open its doors.

As my site will allude to, as well as my profession, I love photography and eclectic beautiful things. I've been spending some deep headspace internalizing the idea of what it means to be free and

It's an interesting thing I've had on my mind the past couple of days. I have a lot of shoots coming up and am needing some creative outlet to "get my mind right" while I look at the way things go

I met this beautiful soul at a pivotal time in my personal life. Not long before, I had just met another crazy creative, Ismael Burciaga. I learned that Ish put on this designer's conference called

I feel that I was, well, late to the party when it comes to Karbach Craft Beer. The intelligent people around me in the last couple of years would go straight for Karbach's Rodeo Clown, which is an

A late one again tonight. My brain is full... full of ideas, plans, goals, half baked ideas, other people's ideas, deadlines, getting better, getting stronger, hurting, healing, thinking, wandering,

I live within walking distance of Heaven in Houston. Meet Sammy's Wild Game Grill on Washington Avenue in Houston. I must say that it is one of the best restaurants here. If you are in town visiting,

A couple weekends ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning, hungover and unsettled. This my friends, is a rough combination. Something hit me and I realized I had already lost half my weekend, having

Two months ago, I had the incredible experience to run an entire overhaul that included photography, cinema, and web design for a local cupcake // cake bakery in Friendswood, just outside of Houston.

And so it is. As are most things; forgotten. "Cinemagraphs" seemed to be a mystery as they brought movement to photographs while somehow managing to obtain the beauty in a still image. It became

If you have been following my work for a while, you probably remember Melissa Sims. She is a tremendous fellow graphic designer and very good friend of mine. It was her birthday recently and I also